Making pen pouches and pillows

Pen pouches

The pen pouches we sell are all handmade. Each one is cut individually with a really sharp cutting tool -  the velvet lining has to be cut separately as it moves quite a lot when it is layered. Some of the fabric I use cannot be pressed with any heat so I do it by hand - takes a little time but that's usually when I have my coffee. I then sew all the bands and the back pockets ready for assembly. The tag is also sewn to the front piece of the pouch. Once that's all done its time to put it together.

The velvet is attached to the rest of the pouch and sewn into two separate pockets so when you put your pens into the pouch they will not be touching each other. The velvet pieces are sewn to the bottom and sides of the pouches so they wont move about or lose their shape and the whole pouch is sewn together inside-out. The top stitching you see on the front of the pouch is to secure the velvet to the pouch in order to make it stronger so you can use your pouch every day with confidence.

Turning the pouch in the right way can be a challenge, especially with some of the thicker fabrics - those pouches turn out to be a little shorter in width than some of the others due to the thickness of the fabric. 

Pen pillows

Making the pen pillows is a bit easier and takes less time.  The velvet pieces and stuffing are cut by hand and sewn together. This stops the stuffing from moving about inside the pillow. Once turned in the right way, the tag is stitched in with the top stitching. I currently make two sizes of pillows and eventually hope to be able to offer them as custom sizes. 


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