Friendly packaging

Postage box with ribbon, products and fill

Packaging is important to us and to you - after all, you want to receive your purchase in tip top shape. While this is important so too are other considerations. Packaging is no easy thing these days. Businesses are beginning to shy away from all things plastic to materials that cause less harm to our environment.

At Hurlestone we send your package to you in a recyclable cardboard box. Inside the box you will find some interesting fill - it's called pop starch®. It is made in New Zealand (just like the cardboard boxes) from puffed starch containing materials that are both sustainable and renewable. The great thing about this type of packaging fill is that it is reusable but also disposable in composts, gardens or anywhere outdoors, and also dissolves in water. 

Your purchase will be wrapped in tissue (colours may vary) and tied with ribbon. Notes, printed or otherwise included in the packaging are made from paper that comes from sustainable and renewable forestry and is also recyclable. We will also try not to go overboard with the sticky tape, after all, we really want you to be able to open the box once you get it!

pop starch


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