In the moment

Prior to being introduced to fountain pens, I never thought of pens as anything other than something to write with. A tactile behaviour so commonplace, the joy of which is overlooked by so many in favour of the incessant tapping on so-called time-saving devices or the unconscious use of the humble ballpoint pen to tick a box or sign our name - which is also slowly being replaced by the use of a plastic stick or your finger on a touch screen. The use of a fountain pen to write, well, anything is an opportunity for you to be in the moment. It can indeed be a fully conscious tactile event – from the selection of the pen to use, choosing of the ink, filling the converter, the feel of the nib as it touches the special paper you have carefully chosen to use for your writing experience – it sounds a little romantic and it is in a sense. It is an escape from the demands of work, of life. 

The use of fountain pens in my everyday work just makes those mundane or even demanding tasks that much more bearable, enjoyable even, when I am using one of my favourite fountain pens and even more so when I can use a colour of my choosing other than just black or blue – not saying there is anything wrong with black or blue (my favourite Sailor pen will only ever have Sailor black ink in it) but sometimes I want a vibrant pink (thanks Lamy), a beautiful spring hue of green, purple, red or orange for that matter. In fact, I like so many colours, when I am teaching, I usually ink up about five or six pens with different ones so I can pick and choose depending on what I am feeling like in the moment. Yes, I teach too. I don’t just make pen pillows and cases. I teach accounting and computing and I write educational texts. . . though sadly, not with a fountain pen.

Take a moment to be in the moment. . .



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