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Navy 4 pen pouch

Check out our Instagram and Twitter feeds for news of our brand new, hot off the sewing machine four pen pouch!

I had made a demo one some time ago and had been thinking about it for next year, but was encouraged in an email discussion to make one now rather than wait and I am pretty pleased with it. The first one is the Navy pouch with slightly smaller in width slots but still with ample room for those larger than life pens some of us just have to have in our collections. It just looks so good with smaller ones too and you can see the Lamy pens I chose for the photographs really look great. It has the same simple design as the two pen pouch with the pocket on the back and the luxurious velvet lining inside. Each pen slot is completely separate from the others (sewn internally) so your pens wont ever touch each other.

Keep an eye on the website as more colour options will appear as they are made.



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