Pen Pouches for 4 Pens

I am in the process of creating/sewing new pen pouches that will hold 4 pens. Previously I have made the Navy pouch and since then the Veela, and now the Imanda with both the Paprika and new Rust velvet lining. I have also added the Rust velvet lining option to the Imanda 2 Pen Pouch so check them out and see what you think. I really like the Rust colour - it's warm and sumptuous and goes with just about any colour pen.

My intention is to keep sewing right up until Christmas and then take a break for a couple of days and get back into it. I want to have 4 pen pouches in most of the fabrics the 2s are made in and add in some new colourways I have found as well. Be patient though, it can take a while just to cut them all! As I complete them I will photograph them and put them up on Instagram and on the website ready for you, so keep an eye out for changes over the next few weeks.



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