Those hidden pen slots.....

When you see the finished pen pouch it might look as though the pen slots are not completely separate as you can only see the bit of sewing near the top of the pouch. I like to see (and I'm sure you do too) the finished pen pouch without lines all down the outside of it, so I hide all the sewing by taking some extra steps to sew all the slots before putting the outer parts of the pouch together. 

In the first photo you can see I have marked out the slots with tailors chalk on one pen pouch inner and have begun sewing them in on another.

In this next photo you can see I have opened up the side of the slot (it will eventually be sewn shut once the pouch outers are sewn to it) so you can see that it is sewn all the way to the bottom of the pouch inner.

Then the pouch is double sewn together for strength leaving a small gap in the side so I can turn it in the right way. In the next photo you can see the nearly finished pouch. All it needs now is some top stitching and it's ready for a photo shoot!

This particular pouch and its 2-pen pouch mate will be called Skye and will be available to purchase on the website soon. 



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