Sometimes things go wrong

Some days things go really well and other days they just don't.......

When I make the pouches and pillows it doesn't always go smoothly and sometimes, rather annoyingly, I don't discover something has gone wrong until I have finished or almost finished making the product. In some cases the problem can be fixed but in a few it's too late and they have to be consigned to the reject bin (thankfully, my reject bin doesn't have much in it!). Some have suggested I sell them as seconds, and perhaps I will once my business is established, but I can't sell something, even as a second, that might be in danger of coming apart in some way.

The pen pouch in the picture below is an example of 'when things go wrong'. There is some fraying at the top edge of the pouch that I missed when I was sewing it up. It's hard to see but it's there (see larger circle - short fibres sticking out). There is also a couple of stitches missing (see smaller circle).

I could probably take it all apart and fix it but it would be very time consuming to do so and quicker to make another 'perfect' one. 



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