New babies

Lamy Pastel Pens unboxing

I was lucky to have some new babies turn up in the mail this week. My new Lamy pastels - Mint Glaze, Powder Rose and Blue Macaron. I couldn't wait to take photos of them with various pen pouches. Fortunately for me the weather was cloudy so the light was just right for photos. It was also fortunate that I had made a three slot pen pouch just for them - a customised two pen pouch with less width in the slots but still big enough to put a few Lamys in there.

Georgie custom 3 pen pouch

I also wanted to try out a few inks to see if I could find any in my collection that go well with the pastel colours of the pens and be readable at the same time. My inksperiments were not very scientific - I used a dip pen and diluted each ink with about half as much water. From this I found the Powder Rose went well with Rouille D'Ancre and the Mint Glaze with Diamine Meadow but I didn't have a lot of luck with the Blue Macaron - the closest I got was with Diamine Aqua lagoon. This pen really needs a pale blue-green ink.

I think I'll have better luck with something from the Sailor 100 inks range.........might have to go shopping!



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