New Pen Day!

So exciting when you get a new pen in the mail - in this case I missed the courier so had to wait a whole extra day before going to the post office to pick it up. Oh, the suspense!

This pen is a bit of a diversion from my usual Sailor or Lamy purchases. It's an Opus 88 in beige. My first pen of this type so can't wait to ink it up. I got a medium nib for this one so will be interesting to see how it goes. 

The day after I got it it was cloudy which means 'photo time' - my new pen has had its first photo shoot (check out my instagram @hurlestonenz and the home page). I must say, it's looking lovely.

The picture below is a bit of a collage of its unboxing - they were taken in the late afternoon so you have to excuse the lighting. 

Do check out my celebration of beige and browns this week on the website and in social media.

Happy browsing :-) 



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