New Pouch and New Pillow Colour

This week I've been busy sewing custom items for customers and putting up a couple of new products. I've added a Three Pen Pouch into the mix that has pen slots measuring 1 1/4 inches in width - plenty of room for those larger pens. It's the same price as the Two Pen Pouch and only a tiny bit wider. 

If you have taller pens I can always customise the pouch (or pillows) for you to fit pens taller than 6 inches. 

Pretty soon I will be adding in a compact pen roll for four, six, or eight pens. It will have a fold down front flap to protect the pens instead of the customary top flap we are all used to. It's a great way to carry your pens and doubles as a standing pen case - watch out for some more info and photos soon.

I'm also in the process of making Pen Kimonos for single pens of any size - you can even put those 7 inch Ranga pens in them. Initially they will be made of floral polyester satin fabrics, so keep an eye out for these too. 

Have a great weekend from Hurlestone!



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