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Better late than never - I have been a bit remiss of late and need to make up for it now. I've recently released Hurlestone pen kimonos (they've been on the site for just over a week now) which are a nice and reasonably priced addition to the Hurlestone family of products. I was originally going to make them from poly satin fabric only but found some really nice cottons to use as well. The cotton is easier to sew and behaves better than the satin in the production process. They have some thin wadding inside them to give pens the comfort and protection they deserve. That aside, I will still release two satin versions of the kimono in the same style but without the internal wadding (the thickness of the fabric doesn't warrant adding more to it), so watch out for those in the future.

Check out the pen kimonos and put your favourites in your cart when you're browsing for pouches or pillows on the site.


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