Pen Rolls are here!

Pen rolls for 6, 8 and 10 pens are now available

  • With an open top you can fold over both top edges and loosely roll and tie to make a standing pen caddy. 
  • When rolled normally and secured your pens won't fall out and there's no fear of them touching - your pens will be safe and secure wherever you take them.

I will be making the pen rolls out of some existing fabrics (like the Veela, which you can buy now) and these will be added to the shop on an ongoing basis. For launch day, I have included some new fabrics that I think lend themselves nicely to pen roll design and a couple of cotton fabrics in the mix which have some wadding to give them a bit of robustness in line with the other fabrics I use.

They are a little fiddly to make and all the slots are sewn internally so you wont see any lines on the front of the rolls except for the reinforcing stitching. While I may have one or two in stock, the rest are made to order so your purchase may take a little more time to process.

Happy shopping!


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