Fun at Pelikan Hubs

This was my third Pelikan Hub and we were lucky to just meet the threshold for a hub with eight people registered. Our little group met in Christchurch and had a great time catching up, showing our latest pens and some old favs, and trying out inks and paper.

I filled a bunch of pens with different coloured inks (matched to the pen colours of course) for people to try along with some notebooks and pouches. Got the snacks (donuts, chocolate slice and biccies, cupcakes, muffins) and drinks laid out and we were good to go.

Each hub attendee got their Pelikan goodies (thanks Pelikan!) along with a nice Hurlestone single pen pouch from me in either Carson or Mocha.

I came home with a couple of bits of Tomoe River paper that I got to try some of my pens on - fabulous stuff and the sheen......... as well as some small samples of ink I haven't tried yet. 

All in all it was a really nice, friendly, relaxed time chatting about some of our favourite things (pens, ink, paper). Always nice to meet new faces too. We decided as a group to meet a little more regularly and bring more stuff to play with so our next meet-up will be in February 2020 sometime once the hectic Christmas/school holiday period is over. 

Can't wait!

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