New Pen Pouch for Short/Small Pens

I finally got round to getting some short pens - four lovely looking Kaweco pens: grey, red, fox and macchiato. They are so little with teeny tiny nibs - I really like them. 

I made a short pen pouch for them from the Luna fabric with blue velvet lining. I had made one in Leaf with citrus velvet lining some time ago but at that time didn't have the pens to show it off. 

There are plenty of you out there who use shorter pens and rely on having a clip attached to them to keep them in a regular size pouch, or have to fish around in the pouch for your pen as it's got lost in the depths of it. Now you can have a pouch especially for the little ones in your pen life. 

If you like the idea but only have two small pens I can make a two pen pouch, and if you have a whole collection of them (and I know some of you do) then a pen roll for the small lovelies is definitely in order - just email me at hurlestone@yahoo.com or through social media and we can discuss requirements.

Celebrate your small pens and spoil them with a pen pouch from Hurlestone :-) 


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