Persia Pen Roll and a New Sailor

The Persia pen roll is finally here with its sturdy red/navy fabric outer and luscious navy velvet interior. 

This one took me a while to get round to sewing and had been sitting waiting on the workbench for a number of weeks while I worked on other projects. I'm glad I finally finished it though as it's really beautiful and looks even better with my pens in it. I chose my Sailor pens for its photo shoot and I think they do it justice. 

Speaking of which, my newest Sailor arrived last weekend; it's the pure white with gold trim Levenger 1911L edition with the anchor finial. I love the nib on this one as it's quite different to my other Sailor nibs - and a music nib which is a first for me but I'm sure to love the extra inky goodness it lays down. You can see it in the pictures below and on my social media feeds. 

Christmas will be here before we know it - it has a habit of sneaking up on us - so it's a good idea to be thinking about those pouches and pen rolls you've had your eye on and get your orders in asap so they can be delivered to you before the big day. While I can't offer delivery guarantees, if you order before the end of October there should be no problem.

Happy shopping :-) 


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