I'm confused, are you?

When I buy stuff online (and it's usually pens) nine times out of ten I pay in US$, though occasionally British pounds if I'm buying vintage pens from the UK. I've done it so often that when I see a price online I assume it's a US$ price and I'm sure some of you do too. In New Zealand we share the same dollar sign with the United States, so you can understand why people might assume everything on a New Zealand business website is also in US$.

I've had a few people ask me if my prices are US$ and some have said they are 'too expensive' because they thought they were in US$. To assure you all, my prices are in New Zealand dollars NZ$ so when you look at the exchange rate (depending on your country) the price usually turns out to be pretty good for you.

So, my Christmas wish this year is to have it mandatory for the country code to be added to the dollar sign so there is no confusion......that ought to keep Santa's elves busy!

Happy shopping and have an excellent Christmas!


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