Hello 2020!

New Pens....

I have gone a bit nuts lately on buying new (and old) pens - in 2019 I bought 24 pens, which is a new record for me, and so far this year I've bought 12 and we're not even a full month in yet. Oh dear, I sense a bit of a trend here!

I've bought a lot of vintage pens of late (chiefly Conway Stewarts) to complete a couple of pen sets I'd started, and some that came in cheaper 'pen lots' which I'm not keeping but bought the lot because I liked the look of a couple of the pens.

Today I happened upon a great deal for the new Sailor Blue Dwarf so just had to buy it. My excuse is I have the other two so I really needed to get this one as well :-).

Check out the picture of my pen drawer below.

....and a Spreadsheet

I like to keep track of the pens/sets I have so I made up a spreadsheet to list all their details. Below is the Excel file if you would like to use it to record yours - feel free to change it to suit your needs.

There are some apps out there you can use to organise and record your pen collection but I prefer to use the spreadsheet on my computer rather than tapping away with my finger on my phone.

Happy collecting :-)


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