Welcome to 2021

It's been a while....

It's been a while....but I have been busy; mostly with other work not related to pens and their colourful accessories, and because things have slowed down for the end of the year. 

I have had some time to add to my pen collection which you will see on social media if you are following and in the picture further down this post. 

Pen collecting

While my pen drawer is pretty much full and I have nearly all the pens I could want, I did order just one more before Christmas - a beautiful Sailor 1911L Stormy Sea which I'm hoping will arrive before the end of the month, but who knows, it could be longer. 

I did manage to finally get the MB149 I've always wanted with a beautiful smooth medium nib and a Pelikan Stresemann M1005 with a fantastically juicy medium nib. These two are inked up and resting on my trusty purple pen pillow on my desk. Of course, I've inked them with their same brand inks, MB Toffee Brown and Edelstein Jade.

My 2020 pens consist of several oldies and some newbies as below:

Delivery problems and price hikes

Well, we all have some of those and we are all frustrated and completely over it! 

2021 is set to be no better and now with added delivery 'surcharges' because of Covid the prices for postage to some countries is getting even more expensive. Along with this there have been several price increases for products due to problems with importing raw materials and scarcity. 

I will be keeping an eye on things but at the moment I can keep my product and postage prices the same. Down the track if anything changes I'll let you know.

Making product from scratch

I only have a teeny tiny number of pre-made items in stock so just about everything you order has to be made from scratch. 

Items may take a few days to get to the post by the time I do the order processing, the cutting and making up of the item and packaging and getting it ready to post. If there's a weekend in the middle of it, it'll take a bit longer but If there's likely to be a delay for any other reason I'll let you know.


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