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Hurlestone name

The Hurlestone name

The Hurlestone name comes from an early ancestor who lived in late 16th century Dorsetshire, England. It had a certain charm and appeal and being a family name made it more meaningful to me. 

Hurlestone - Handmade in New Zealand

Hurlestone pen pouches and pen pillows are high quality, beautifully designed and individually handcrafted
New Zealand made products.

The pen pouches are functional and strong - as an everyday carry for your pens and cartridges that will last the distance; but also, beautiful and soft - made from a wide range of upholstery fabrics and velvet, standing out from the ordinary, showcasing and protecting your pens.

The pen pillows are soft, beautiful, and washable, with your pens nestled on them ready for you to use, safe from other items on your work area.

Hurlestone pen pouches and pen pillows represent quality, beauty, and function that's definitely not ordinary!

The idea for pouches and pillows

My hobby collecting fountain pens began in 2014 and has since expanded to include ink and all manner of fountain pen friendly stationery. Needing something to protect my pens while travelling, I decided to create a pen pouch that would do the job and look great at the same time. Not only does it hold my favourite pens, it has a pocket on the back to carry spare ink cartridges or a phone, so I could truly be on the go!

Now that my pens could travel in style, I needed to protect them when they were on my desk. Making a small cushion they could rest on seemed like a great idea and the Pen Pillow was born. Now there is a small pen pillow permanently on my desk nestling my favourite pen(s).

How are the pouches and pillows made?

All the pouches and pillows are made by me in a room I have set up as the 'workroom' in my home. I now have two sewing machines (older, heavy ones - good for sewing upholstery fabrics) that I use to make all the product
you see on the website. 

I use a cutting tool (with a wheel) to cut each pouch and pillow individually and then I sew them in a particular order. I usually make two of each type at a time and usually in colour groupings - today will be blues and the next will be beige/browns, etc. Most of the sewing is done in the morning unless it's cloudy - that's when the camera
comes out and I take product photos.

Once the product is made I check it and tag it and do all the other admin-type stuff you have
to do as part of a small business. 

I hope you enjoy browsing through our site and are inspired to purchase a little style for your pens too



Thanks to the following people for their help in getting this business (and website) up and running:

My husband for endless checking and looking after the finances
Jun for creating the logo and giving sage advice
The rest of my family for their support of this new venture


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