I am going to be taking a break for a couple of weeks from 20 June so orders received by
Monday, 10 June will be made up and sent out before I leave
I will be back sewing on 12 July so any orders received while I'm away will be worked on from then.
I will be off the grid for most of my time away so will answer any messages/emails/questions upon my return.
Thank you for your understanding.

Hurlestone name

Hurlestone - Handmade in New Zealand

Hurlestone pen accessories are high quality, beautiful, individually handcrafted
New Zealand made products.

Pen pouches are functional and strong - as an everyday carry for your pens and cartridges that will last the distance; but also, beautiful and soft - made from a wide range of upholstery fabrics and velvet, standing out from the ordinary,
showcasing and protecting your pens.

Pen pillows are soft, beautiful, and washable, with your pens nestled on them ready for you to use,
safe from other items on your work area.

Pen kimonos are a great way to carry your favourite pen with you wherever you go - bright and functional.

Pen rolls/wraps for 6, 8 or 10 pens for those that like a more extensive every day carry. With an open top,
they can be used as a pen caddy for easy access while you work.

Notebook covers are a simple design (some with a small pocket for your pen or other important bits) available in a range of fabrics and sizes. Get one to match your pen pouch or pen roll.

Hurlestone pen accessories represent quality, beauty, and practicality that's definitely not ordinary!

Love pens

If you're like me, you wont like your pens wandering around your work area and getting lost (or hurt!) so I made a velvet pen pillow to keep them in one spot (and safe from other things on my desk). The pillows are soft and flattish with loose weave stuffing in them so pens are nestled and won't roll off. I now have one permanently on my desk with my current rotation pens resting comfortably on it.

Since I began Hurlestone I've added pen kimonos, pen rolls/wraps of various sizes and notebook covers to the range.

How are Hurlestone accessories made?

I make all the items you see on the website from a workroom in my home. 

Each item is made to order; individually cut and sewn; allowing you the freedom to customise if you wish.



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